What Are Interventions?


What Are Interventions?

Since you are currently reading this article and trying to find out exactly what are interventions, I can only assume that you have somebody in your life who has been struggling with addiction for quite some time now. Most people would not have a reason to intervene in somebody’s business unless they literally felt like there was no other option but to step into this person’s path so they can guide them in a different direction.

While I certainly feel like it’s unfortunate that it has to come to this, I also know that it’s a very good thing that you are here and trying to find out more information about this topic because it’s very important that you help this person take their life back from the downward spiral that has them in its clutches right now.

Does Every Person Struggling With An Addiction Need An Intervention?

This is a very difficult question to answer since everybody is different and every person will struggle with their addiction in their own way. It’s very hard to pinpoint who the ideal candidate is in certain situations. There are going to be other situations where you’ll know right away that a person needs an intervention and you should definitely organize one as soon as possible if you are going to try and help this individual get their life back. I know it may seem drastic but there is a good possibility that any intervention you put together might save this person’s life.

Addiction is a very serious thing and it could absolutely be deadly if it’s left untreated for too long. Plus the person who is suffering from the addiction is actually living a life of tremendous misery and pain, and even though they don’t believe they can stop their bad habit they really don’t want to be that way and they would love to be able to stop for good so your help will be truly appreciated at some point in the future.

You will probably not be looked upon in the most favorable light right now while the addict is struggling, but they will definitely be grateful that you helped them once they finally do get clean and sober. It just might not happen right away, and unfortunately this disease is so powerful that they may not notice what you did for them until they have some serious clean time under their belt.

So getting back to the question of what are interventions and does every addict need an intervention, I would say no. But my thinking is that if you’ve reached this article with the idea that someone in your life needs an intervention then the probability of them truly needing an intervention is very strong.

So you should definitely organize one and put it together since you felt the need to look into this topic to begin with. That’s a great way to gauge whether or not a person needs an intervention and I would certainly provide one to the person you were thinking about when you first decided to look for this information.

What’s the Best Way to Go about Putting Together an Intervention?

There are some definite things that will need to take place when you are putting together an intervention. That’s why you are looking for information about what are interventions, and it makes sense that you would need these instructions as well.

The first thing you should do is you should look for a professional in your area that you can get to help organize and run the intervention. You obviously want somebody available to you who is going to have all of the right information and connections so that your intervention will immediately lead to the addict going into a rehab program.

If you personally have these connections yourself, or somebody close to you who will know how to get the addict into treatment, then hiring a professional will not be needed. But somebody must have the right connections and skills in this area in order to make the intervention a true success. So definitely keep that in mind when you first begin to put this intervention together.

The next very important thing that must go on during an intervention is that you need to make sure all of the addict’s friends and family members that he or she is close to will be there at this intervention to show this person that they truly have help and support available to them that really wants to see them get better.

This is also very important because the addict might not immediately appreciate the effort that you put forth to intervene and there may come a time where you have to lay down an ultimatum with the addict and all of the closest friends and family need to be there and need to be a part of this so that the addict has no one left to turn to.

I know that may sound harsh but this person will literally have to be cut out of your lives until they see that they are in serious trouble and they need to go and get help or let you help them. I hope this has explained a little bit more about what are interventions. Please use this information to help the person in your life struggling from addiction.